Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't trust the ladders

Shingling continued on the shop today. Gambrel roofs are apparently not much fun to work on. I managed not to do any shingling, or go out on the exterior scaffolding, which suited me fine. Height and I get along just fine when there's a railing of some sort between me and the ground. I'm not terribly fond of straight ladders either, and my dad very nearly falling 20ft off the scaffold when the ladder kicked out isn't really helping that fondness grow, either (I did say there should be something to hold the ladders in place!)

Anyway, we got the dormers framed in and sheeting on their roofs. Between yesterday and today, Roy and his dad got about 3/4 of the shop shingled, and Roy got his pile o'junk moved to the other side of the shed. I made supper around 6pm - marinated steak, which Roy's mom grilled while I made a garden salad and some honey mustard carrots.

Roy's parents headed back home after supper, and Roy and I cleaned up outside. We crashed on the couch for the ~hour that remained of the evening, with banana/cherry/Bailey's shakes. Mmmm.

(will add photos later)

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