Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crossover Pinafore and Ruffle Bum Bloomers

Found a tutorial for an adorable little crossover pinafore at Smashed Peas and Carrots. I had a bit of trouble sewing around the straps (I'm just not very good at sewing tight curves) but otherwise it was a very easy dress to make, and the instructions were excellent. Alexis is only 8 months old here, but she's a big girl and it's closer to a long tunic top for her, rather than a dress. Because of the crossover, the design seems to be very forgiving for sizing, and I'm looking forward to Alexis being able to continue to wear it as a top as she gets bigger.

I decided to make it reversible, and to make the front and back different on both sides (I like the contrast between the front pattern and the straps). I wasn't even thinking when I picked out buttons that they'd need to be the same size to use the same button holes! Luckily I just happened to choose 2 styles of button that are almost identical in size.

I also made a little pair of ruffled bloomers to go with the dress, following the directions at The Sewing Dork. I had the darn things almost done when I realized I'd put them together wrong and had to pull out all the seams and start over (I'd even zigzagged most of my seams already). And in spite of using a pair of pants that fit Alexis quite well, when I tried them on her they were gaping horribly in the back of the waist. I'm thinking it's because I used quilting cotton to make the bloomers, and the pants I used as a pattern were stretchy (I've now bought some cheap cotton to use to make a test garment the next time I want to make my own pattern from something). I was able to salvage them by patching in a little piece of the tan broadcloth I used to make the ruffles.

The last photo is the only one I snagged of the front while standing. I stood her up so Grandma and Grandpa could hold her arms, and she got upset that I didn't pick her up! She's a bit of a momma's girl....  

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