Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Day Thus Far

•Woke up at ~9:30am. Alexis still asleep (1st time this week!)

•Spent 15 minutes debating the merits of getting up or going back to sleep until Alexis woke up. Dragged self out of bed.

•Suited up and went out to let the geese/ducks out and give them water.

•Discovered the bull apparently levitated out of his pen and is back out in the field again.

•Came back in, had a cup of tea.

•Alexis woke up about 10:30

•Changed dirty diaper, got her dressed.

•Nursed Alexis.

•Heated up oatmeal, fed Alexis.

•Made eggs, ate over the kitchen counter. Stopped Alexis from getting into things 3 times while eating.

•Diaper blowout, changed Alexis again.

•Washed hands. Pulled Alexis' hands out of the toilet. Washed her hands.

•Loaded laundry. Alexis helped by putting one piece of clothing in at a time, then started taking them back out and got upset when I stopped her and closed the door. Let Alexis start the machine, then got upset when I didn't let her keep pushing the buttons.

•Emptied the dishwasher. Alexis helped by handing me the plates one at a time, then got bored, opened the laundry half of the closet door, and tried to play with the washing machine buttons again. Got upset when I stopped her.

•Took the garbage can from the nursery to the bathroom to bleach it in the tub. Just stopped Alexis' from putting her hands in the toilet.

•Sat Alexis down in the hallway, put cleaner in the toilet, caught Alexis before she could made it back to the toilet.

•Realised taking the garbage out of the nursery didn't remove the funky smell. Found dead mouse in a trap in the water heater closet.

•Put Alexis in her crib with a toy, threw out mouse.

•Alexis turning into a pumpkin, sat down around 1pm to watch baby youtube videos until nap time.

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