Sunday, November 21, 2010

Food and bed, hay and straw

Got out of our bed early today, to pick up bedding for the critters. 40 square bales of barley straw, to be exact, plus 60 square alfalfa/brome hay bales. We've got enough round bales for the winter, the square hay is more for emergency feeding if the skid steer won't start. It's also a little better quality than the round bales we got, so I'll likely alternate between round and square for the donkeys/sheep/goats.

Loading 100 bales onto the trailer, then re-stacking them isn't exactly how I'd choose to start the day! I do have to say though, it sure does wake a person up. Pretty sure my hands are going to be stiff for a couple of days after this.

After we got the livestock food unloaded, it was time for breakfast for us - today we had brunch at the Heritage Inn with my parents. They have a really nice Sunday brunch there. I ate waaay too much. Luckily all I really had to do for the rest of the day was feed and water the stock, and switch the bottom hot wire on the small animal paddock over to a ground wire - bottom wire's been burried in snow for a couple days.

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