Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's a yak! It's a bison!

No, it's a Scottish Highland cow!

We brought our newest additions home today: Whitehill Stardust, a registered dun Scottish Highland cow, and her little red bull calf (who's destined to be a steer very soon).

We stopped for gas on the way home, and the gas station attendants were rather enthralled with them. Well, after they asked "What is it?!" and were informed that they were, indeed, cows. I do wish I'd remembered to take a photo of them in the trailer. All you could see through the window was eyes, and horns, and hair.

Dusty (as we'll be calling her - Stardust just seems a bit... grandiose for a hairy cow!) is also re-bred to the previous owner's registered bull. Fingers crossed for a lovely little Highland heifer this spring!

The new beasts have been made comfortable in the temporary quarantine pen, which will be their home for the next 3 weeks. Hard to really tell what cows think, but Dusty seems to approve of the hay.

It was around 5pm or so when we got the cattle put away. We spent the remainder of the evening crawling around under the trailer, replacing panels that had holes and putting in some new insulation. Whoever designed the flooring in mobile homes is an idiot. Who thought flimsy wooden panels just -resting- on metal edging is all that's needed between the outside world and the insulation/pipes/vents? It's no wonder we've had mice. Anyway, the current repairs should at least keep Oz the cat from coming into the house through the vent under the kitchen table!

Went for a shower afterward, since it's absolutely filthy under the trailer. My shower was uneventful. Roy, however, had the fun of one of the valves on the shower column breaking and spraying water at force across the tub. We're without a shower (or bath) now until Roy comes home again next weekend.

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