Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A fridge full of bones

I find I appreciate my food so much more when it's something I've raised myself. I never made chicken stock before we raised our own chickens. Now, I have a very hard time just throwing the bones away! I had a LOT of chicken bones in my fridge... now, I have the bones from 3 chickens roasting in the oven (the 4th carcass did end up in the garbage - bones should not be fuzzy and green! I swear it wasn't in the fridge that long...) I discovered a lovely recipe for brown chicken stock about a year ago: Brown Chicken Stock. It's a little more work than just hucking the bones into a stock pot, but it makes such a lovely stock. One set of bones this time are from a chicken that I tried soaking in brine - I'm curious to see if it will effect the flavor of the stock!

Got the donkey/goat/sheep/goose shelter cleaned out today, and broke apart one of our brand new square barley straw bales into it for bedding. One square bales seems to be the perfect amount to bed that shelter (technically it's a small calf shelter). I'm hoping I can pick the shelter clean for awhile, and the straw will last for a reasonable amount of time!

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